Competition and Inspiration

The competitor with the most listings nationally at the moment is RainbowKids, however they are limited to the institutions which have been registed with their site. Additionally the age of site and quantity of advertisements create an undesirable UX and UI in my opinion.

Maids & Minders has a  better user experience however it suffers from a complete lack of content.

JoziKids has the best overall that I have seen in South Africa so far, however it is still somewhat lacking in the number of listed ECDs, despite only being focused on Gauteng.

The WesternCape Gov Site has a list of all the Registered ECDs with some very basic details.

Google Maps provides a list of ECDs which are registered with Google if you search for it, as well as reviews, website, contact details and address.

Internationally a good service is, however the reliance on Postal Codes for searching is limiting.

Additionally I looked at the offering from the US state departments. The NYC one provides some interesting stats but is very limited in other areas.

The three primary influences for CrecheConnect are AirBnb, TripAdvisor and Google Maps. AirBnb and Tripadvisor have turned away from a reliance on using a map to using lists sorted by relevance, price and ratings. Additionally on AirBnb there is no map when searching on Mobile. These trends will be taken into consideration.

Unfortunately I do not have good pictures or up to date pricing for South African ECDs. Thus tools which will allow ECDs to update their details are very important.

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