A web service for Early Childhood Development centers (ECDs)


  1. Find and view the details of an ECD
  2. Ability to claim an ECD and manage the details*
  3. Create an account to create and manage an ECD which is not yet on the system*
  4. Users can report inaccuracies of ECD details
  5. Support multiple languages and regions
  6. Scale globally
  7. Provide a portal of tools and resources for ECDs

*Verification of ownership is required, most likely will have to utilise the same method Google Maps does by sending out a posted mail with a link on it. Alternatively, integrate with that system.


The site’s core is to find an ECD (search or browse) and view the details. Currently we have the details of all ECDs as of 2014’s audit. These will be integrated into the system. However it is necessary to provide tools to update and curate this data with user input and with minimal staff involvement due to the limits it imposes on scalability. Thus the ability to claim an ECD and make new ones. Additionally the ability to report an ECD as closed or their details inaccurate.

After these steps have been achieved, additional sources of ECD data are to be gathered. Based on these the regions to scale to next will be chosen.



Phase 1

Basic implementation of 2014 SA ECD audit data with the capabilities of finding and viewing an ECD. SEO and Analytics focus.

Phase 2

ECD claiming, creating and editing. User reporting.

Progress Tracking

All tasks are being placed on a project Trello board, please contact [email protected] if you would like to view this board.

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